The time I have spent at Yamnuska Wolfdog Sanctuary has been extremely rewarding, inspirational and educational. I have always been interested in getting more involved with local rescues and hope to start my own animal rescue in the future. Working at YWS, I have learnt a great deal about rescue and am aware of just how rewarding it can be. At the sanctuary we see a large volume of people needing to surrender their wolfdog’s for many difference reasons.

More times than not, the claimed wolfdog’s that are in need to be surrendered are not wolfdog’s. There is a ton of misrepresentation in the wolfdog community, which sadly leads to many innocent dogs being euthanized. Luckily, the sanctuary is able to educate people about wolfdogs and will rescue wolfdogs that are in need. After witnessing such a large volume of people wanting to surrender their dog or wolfdog for various reasons, (i.e. fear of people, inappropriate dog to dog interaction) I have made it my mission to not only do my part in educating others about wolfdogs, but to offer my assistance in training in hopes that they will no longer need to surrender their animal.

My time at YWS has greatly expanded my dog training knowledge.  Each day I spend with the wolfdogs I learn something new. At times they can be quite challenging, which in return requires you to be creative in your training style and adjust yourself to suit them better.  When it comes to wolfdogs, it is next to impossible to force them to do something they do not want to and because of this, positive training methods are necessary but more importantly, trust is the key.

Positive training methods help builds trust between the trainer and the animal. Trust is the key factor when interacting with the wolfdogs. I have been so lucky to learn just how important trust between an individual and an animal is. For example, the high content wolfdogs (mostly wolf, small amount of dog) will steer clear of you until they have established a trusting relationship with you. Once they trust you, they are willing to participate in the actions you ask of them.

Now more than ever, my training style is based off of trust. Regardless of if I am working with a wolfdog, dog or any animal for that matter, they should be able to fully trust us before we can expect anything of them.  I look forward to continuing working at Yamnuska Wolfdog Sanctuary and expanding my knowledge further. Wolves and wolfdogs are amazing animals that have truly improved my training style. It is a rewarding feeling to know I will always have my experiences with the wolfdogs to look back on when faced with any challenge. For more information about the Sanctuary, visit them at