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Private Consultations are ideal for focusing on a select few skills or behaviours. They are also great for any canines that do not do well in a group class environment or, for getting a one on one training experience. After each session, you will receive a summary and will have constant support via email. Single consults are $110+GST within city limits. Packages are also available.

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Socializing your puppy at a young age plays a very vital role in their lives. The puppy training program is designed to get your puppy out in the real world and expose them to as much as possible as well as teach manners in the process. This in return, will create a confident, well-mannered canine. Single sessions are $50 for 1 hour. Packages are also available. 

Physical exercise is an important aspect to any canine's life. That being said, mental stimulation is just as important. The Walk N Train program is an 1 hour walk that focus on basic obedience (loose leash walking, recall, attention and self-control) as well as, building confidence with fearful and reactive canine's. Help your canine get adequate physical exercise and improve behaviour, all in one! One session is $60. Packages are also available.